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Glo-vite Facial

makes skin lighter and radiant by eliminating dead cells

Oxy-blast Facial

oxygen energising facial. it rejuvinates dry mature and dull skin, lighters & hydrates the skin.

Tan-clear Facial

tan removed facial leaves the skin clear and even tone makes skin look younger and radiant.



Vita Lift Facial

skin lifting facial. as we age collagen production reduces and slows down the skin capacity to regenerate. non-surgical face lifting removes fine lines & wrinkles, lighters muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

Clari-glow Facial

reduces & controls imperfections on oily skin while leaving the skin with Matt appearance

Sensi-glow Facial

calms and soothes resitive skin and reduces itchiness and sensitivity.


Basic Cleansing

fruit cleansing for all skin types

Aroma Cleansing

deep cleansing gives a very instant glow

Ozone Cleansing

reduces & controls imperfections on oily skin while leaving the skin with Matt appearance.

D-tan Cleansing

very effective on tanned skins, removes tan instantly, suitable

O3+ Cleansing

suitable for all skin types because of it’s mild exfoliation.

Cheryl’ Cleansing


O3+ Whitening Facial

helps clear and prevent blenished tan, works on all kinds of tan. gives radiance and shine to the skin.

O3+ Sea Weed Facial

treats oily skins for smoother looking Matt skin.

O3+ Diamond Facial

skin polishing for shine and even skin tone.



Fair 4 Sure
(Ultimate whitening facial)

improves the skin tone giving fairness

Complexion Whitening
(facial for tan clearing)

removes tan and give brighten effect

Acne Healing Facial
(oil control)

good for oily skin. heals acne and controls oil.

Special Organic Facial
(perfect skin tone)

perfect facial for uneven skin discolored and pigmented skin


Lotus Glow Facial

for dull and dry skin. gives life and glow to skin

Lotus Goldsheen Facial

for instant gold like lusture
rejuvinates and stimulates the skin by its metalic action

Lotus Four Layer Facial

skin whitening facial corrects and prevents the occurrence of spots and regulates melanim production to get
a uniform complexion.

Aroma Neem & Tulsi Facial

good for oily skin

Aroma Anti Ageing Facial

it gives face lifting effect on dry & wrinkled skin.

Aroma Radiance Facial

gives instant glow to dry skin and imparts natural sheen to the skin.


Hydra-moist Facial

hydrating treatment for dry skin for instant glow and radiance


O2c2 Radiance

helps decreasing premature ageing, effects of sun demage and free radicals. Increases skin moisture and hydration. Nourishes the
deep layers of the skin.

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